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Tranny stories that will make you so horny for cum dripping she cock. Here are quick teasers, Robert asked me to remove my skirt and went down on his knees between my legs and began lightly kissing my inner thighs… Very quickly, I tensed, my cock swelled, and twitched, and I exploded in her mouth. I shot blast after blast of… I feel the cock invading my already prepared and open hole. I love it. I feel full up with maleness. Pierce me with your hard cock, baby!

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Rip me open, Teresa! Fuck my ass, girl!

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He kissed his way to the bulge in my panties then pulled them aside and took my semi hard clitty between his lips and softly sucked me. I shot blast after blast of cum into her throat, shaking like a leaf as she greedily swallowed, never taking her mouth off of me. She tried to swallow it all, but a little dripped out, hanging on her chin until she used her finger to bring it to her lips… Continue reading Tranny Slut I feel the cock invading my already prepared and open hole.

Personals in Wyoming

I feel like a woman. He is fucking me fast and I force myself backward to receive his thrusts with my own cock getting stiffer. Her mouth was warm and I felt a tingling in my balls. I always loved the feeling of power having someone on their knees and a mouthful of cock.

Closing her mouth around me, I slid deeper. When I hit her throat, I was surprised that it opened and my cock continued down her… Continue reading Trashy Innocence Tranny Stories I slide down under the table and see my prize.


A thick uncircumcised cock, the smell of precum and salty sweat, I gently slide the foreskin down to reveal a throbbing blood engorged dick head. My tongue cleans the head, yum tastes like a man should. I blow on the head then take it in my mouth.


Or at least Terence does, so it's a fair bet Teresa will. She pulls out and thrusts back in, violently.


Oh, god, I love your hard girl-cock in my man-pussy, baby. Do it hard!

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I lay on my side with my hard cock close to her mouth. She grabs my shaft and starts sucking it hard.

Personals in Wyoming

This just causes me to suck harder as Annie feels her balls get harder. The feeling of a good cock in T's mouth quickly get the circulation going and her small cock… Link Removed Her Whore Tranny Stories She was probably the best cocksucker I have ever had. She reached her hand around me and started to run them over my panty covered ass.

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She got her hands inside and slid them up and down my crack. She stopped and started to run circles around my asshole and slowly slid a finger into me.

Personals in Wyoming

She brought one to her mouth… Continue reading TS Helen She now had both hands exploring her butt, and was stretching her asshole with two fingers on either hand. I pulled my head up until the only thing I had in my mouth was the head and I grasped the rest of the shaft with my hand and began bobbing my head up and down so that my tongue caressed the delicate… Link Removed.

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